Our History

webElect.net was started by Doug Homan in 2001 when his father, Ed Homan, became a candidate for the Florida State House District 60 seat. After consulting with several elected officials and working on prior campaigns, Doug learned that proper voter targeting and data management were paramount to running an efficient and effective race. He developed a custom voter targeting system for Ed's 2002 campaign in order to maximize the impact of campaign advertising and the efforts of campaign volunteers. This led to a substantial 13 point margin of victory over the incumbent candidate. After further testing and development, the webElect.net service was branded in 2003, and has served several high profile political campaigns in the last 21 years. webElect.net is based in Tampa, Florida.

Our Team

Doug Homan

Doug Homan

President, Developer

Doug has been developing information systems for over twenty years and has 23 years experience working with political campaign data. He received his MBA degree from the University of South Florida and also holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Information Systems (MIS) from USF.

Stephen Bickle

Stephen Bickle

Technical Director

Stephen joined the webElect team in 2011 and brings with him more than 15 years of experience in the IT security industry. While working for the global IT services company Atos Origin, Stephen focused on building, testing, and improving the security for several Fortune 500 companies as well as five Olympic Games (Salt Lake City, Athens, Turin, Beijing, Vancouver).

Alli Bundy

Alli Bundy

Support Lead

Alli joined webElect in 2018 after attending UC Berkeley and brings needed communication and analytical skills to our support and documentation functions.

Our Clients

webElect.net clients include:

Federal, state, county, and municipal campaigns

Political consultants

County party executive committees

Political Action Committees

Accounting Firms

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