Mobile Apps

Install Instructions

iPhone Open Safari and goto (make sure you are not in Private browsing mode).
*Due to the iOS 13 update, users must make the setting change below:
- Go to Settings-> Safari-> Advanced-> Experimental Features. Scroll to the bottom and disable the option titled "Disable Web SQL"
- You can only run the app within Safari now. Do not Add to Home Screen.
- Any glitches in the app should be solved by refreshing the page in Safari.
- We are working on a new app to fix the issues caused by the iOS 13 update.

Android - Open Chrome and goto and click the Chrome menu icon and the select to Add To Homescreen.

Android, iPhone, iPad and Other Mobile Device Apps

We have released a version of the app that does not require the Apple App Store or Google Play and contains several improved features (technically this is called an  HTML5 WebApp ). Because it is not an update to the existing app, you should remove the existing version prior to installing the new version as the home screen icons look the same.

The new app requires you to provide the server generated App PIN code to link to your user account. You can find that, along with the installation instructions, by logging into webElect and clicking the "Change Info/Password" link on the Main Menu.  The PIN is also provided in the Welcome email you received when first setup as a user in webElect.  You may also have the PIN emailed to you by clicking the "Email it to me" link on the app's login page.

Note that the videos below will be updated to reflect the new app versions.

The mobile app is part of the  Sign Delivery and  Walk/Canvassing action lists module.


Creating the walk target and setting app options on the website:

Using the mobile app to walk the target:

Using the mobile app to deliver yard signs:

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